Reign of Winter

Session 8: Closing A Winter Portal, The Fall Of A Witch

First Person Following Eirwyn Le Snaedis

“It’s ok Tomor, he’s dead.” I spoke softly as the barbarian still mad from battle lust tore apart the guard captain that lay at his feet with claw and fang. Tomor turned on me with his crazed look in his eyes, and they softened, and he looked around quickly to assess the situation. He seemed to determine that we were safe for the moment, and he calmed down, his face becoming its kind self. I looked at him in awe as the sweat dripped down his body as he heaves heavily, exhausted from his raging. While I have some power, the pure raw power that Tomor has is quite impressive, and I am more thankful for him and his prowess every day.

I looked around to asses the situation, and started healing the others wounds. Glancing out the door I found that a spare crossbow bolt had pierced Borels throat. He had tried to hide in the hallway and avoid the battle, but it looks like his plan back fired, and he has been a casualty. Despite his annoying persona and cocky air, I did not wish death upon him. I walked over and said a little prayer to the lady Desna and Borels God Torag for a speedy departure of his soul.

I start healing the others with Utrosk. After we finish healing the wounded we search the room, and go back through the areas we didn’t have time to go through as battle had pulled us through the tower so quickly. We find a myriad of odds and ends, and then we get to the kitchen. The cook was baking a bunch of cookies, and Tomor instantly walked to one shaped like a dragon.

“Put that down,” I smacked it out of his hand as he went to take a bite of the cookie.

“It is a cursed cookie. It will starve you if you eat it no matter how much food you consume you will be hungry. You mustn’t eat anything from a witches house without examining it first, you never know what may happen.” I expressed to Tomor protectively.

“What kind of sicko bakes cursed COOKIES!!! Who would do such a thing! That is SO FUCKED UP!!” Tomor got angry and started smashing things in the kitchen. I stepped away and let him unleash his rage as he spurt out hostile anger at the cursed cookie. I caught myself smirking, sweet simple Tomor sure was an interesting one. When he calmed down the three (four with Ogromma) decided to continue going on.

We walked into the next room and there was some kind of plant creature. I cursed it and my allies did their standard bash the poor creature. It struck Ogromma and he went crazy. Utrosk had no control over the Ogromma any more and he started swinging his tusks and and trunk everywhere, even hitting his master. The plant creature fell yet Ogromma was still raging. I feared for my life so stepped away until Utrosk got Ogromma back under control.

We went through the rest of this floor and came upon a man tied up with holy symbols to Shelyn on him. It looked like he had been badly bloodied and been beaten. We discussed whether we should untie his mouth and speak to him, and ultimately decided to go ahead. I felt that he was some how kin to us. As we questioned him he told us he had been geased by the red rider to free Baba Yaga. It seems that he was destined to meet with us. We released him and made out introductions, his name was Sinzara, and he was a Cleric of Shelyn, unsurprisingly.

We came to another portal we couldn’t open, but there was one we passed that we could. Tomor and the others went up before me. By the time I got up there the others had their eyes torn out and were in a battle with a foul sorcerer and a flock of ravens. Looking around I could tell that my allies were in a bad place, most of them bleeding from their eyes. Finally we had the bitch under control and I demanded her surrender. Surprisingly, she submitted and surrendered. she sent her birds back in the cage and even healed my allies and fixed their gnashed eyesight. We thoroughly robbed her and found the last remaining key to the main rooms, but we decided to allow her to live.

We went back to the other portal, with Tomor going up first. I went up afterwards and saw a goat, 3 ice elementals, and saw Radosek Pavril, the cruel oppressive winter witch that had been oppressing Waldsby and maintaining the winter portal to Heldren.

“The Winter Queen Ilvana is going to destroy you for what we did the tower, surrender now and we may let you live!” I shout to terrorize the mad man. He laughs in my face and isn’t scared in the slightest. Tomor starts bashing the ice elementals and the others come up and start engaging. I keep focusing on terrorizing the witch while the others killed the goats and elementals. Utrosk pulls fire from around him and starts hitting the witch with balls of fire! Quite impressive. Tomor starts throwing the giant cauldron at Radosek and he gets shaken in fear as I tell him how we are going to obliterate him and shove his goat up his ass. I set him up by giving him an evil eye and making him be misfortuned. Our new asset Sinzara sees the weakness and take advantage by hitting him with Hold Person. At this point Utrosk and the others pull the witch from the sky and they tie him up. We ransack the place and wake the witch. He doesn’t give us any information and I just can’t take his evil babbling. After determining it is not relevant info I pull out my dagger and stab him in the neck, killing him. We found a way to close the winter portal and save Taldor, which we did.

We go back to Waldsby and make plans to continue on to Whitethrone. My friend Nadya insists on taking us there herself and we make our arrangements to continue on.



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